Welcome to August everybody.

You have decided that is time to give your current cleaning contractor a 1 month notice and start to look for quotes online with your local commercial cleaning companies.

You have plenty of choices in Bristol, how you going to find the right cleaning company for you?

Looking for the right office cleaning company in Bristol could be challenging and time consuming.

How would you know the new cleaning contractor will be better than your current one?

First of all, you want to go online and do a bit of research, however make sure to take your time because if you want to find the right one it will take some time.

Look for review everywhere, google and social media are the places you need to look for, try to identify where they clean and physically go to their premises and see the type of standard they have.

Once you are comparing quotes, we understand everybody wants to spend as little as possible and receive the best service available. This unfortunately does not happen in the cleaning industry. If you want to have high quality cleaning service with consistency, it will come with the price.

You have to understand the minute you will pick the cheapest company you will not receive the quality you are looking for and therefore will cost you more time and money to search for replacement.

Bear in mind when you pick a company like Splashernet you will have an account manager that will inspect your premises on a weekly basis and send you a weekly report with photographic evidence through email.

This type of customer service we offer, enable us to maintain the level of cleaning high and consistent throughout the year.

Give us a call now on 01173178121 or email us at info@splashernet.com

A member of our team will visit your premises free of charge.