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…in the Bristol, Bath and North Somerset and South Gloucester areas.

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Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet Delivery, or letterbox marketing, is a highly successful door-to-door marketing technique that is used by many of the top UK companies. It is also a major method by which councils and the political parties keep in contact with the public.

Leaflet Distribution has two main purposes, firstly, as a very cost effective way of increasing brand, company, event or organisation awareness, and secondly as a direct marketing method leading to increased customer enquiries, which can then lead to sales.

If a few basic principles are followed, Leaflet Delivery will yield very healthy results. All too often leaflet marketing is unsuccessful due to poor planning, poor leaflet design & content and similar basic business rules that are forgotten.

Delivering leaflets might seem easy, but finding a professional and reliable distributer who will cover a lot of ground for you and your business is hard!

Our trustworthy leaflet distribution service is extremely popular. Here’s how it works:

1First we invite you to our offices to chat about your leaflets and where you would like them distributed. We always give free advice on how to make your leaflet design stand out, as on average your leaflet has no more than 3 seconds to attract the customer’s attention.

2Then we discuss the areas you would like your leaflet to be received. We have an extensive database of the number of households throughout Bristol and Bath so we know exactly how many houses there are per district or area.

3Finally we start the distribution, but that’s not all, we stay in communication with you throughout the distribution process and every day we call or text you with a full report of the areas we covered, so you know who has got your leaflets and when.

At Splashernet services we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and friendly, honest customer care.

We show you that we care about your business by offering the best possible return on your investment with door to door leaflet delivery.

We also specialise in B2B delivery – prices might differ according to areas and quantity.

We send you a fully detailed invoice of the work done as soon as we have finished delivering your leaflets.


Our prices are totally bespoke as we realise not every customer has the same requirements. Prices mainly vary due to quantity and location. Contact us today and we will get back to you within 24 hours, or for an instant quote call us on 0117 317 8121

Our prices are very competitive and we can often beat any geniune like for like quote. Prices will be based on a leaflet size up to A4 – if your material is any bigger than this please inform us when contacting us for a quote.

For Solus Distribution, which is for your leaflet delivered completely on its own, for 1000 leaflets the price to pay is just £80.

For our Shared Plan, which means your leaflet delivered with two other non-competing leaflets, again to 1000 houses, is just £40.

DEAL OF THE MONTH! £80 per 1000 A4/A5/A6 leaflets. Minimum distribution 2,000 units. BOOK NOW

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