We have been in business for nearly 10 years since we started back in Summer 2009. Our company experienced highs and lows volume of demand, however there is a month of the year where every cleaning company in Bristol gets BUSY.

Welcome to July, one of the most challenging month of the year for everybody, most people think of July as a Holiday month, we think JULY as a BUSINESS month. We operate in a city with 2 university and half a million people, 30.000 students and roughly 190.000 properties spread across this territory.

The student property cleaning change over starts from June until August, however July is the busiest month of the summer, the most requested service is End of Tenancy Cleaning, and Splashernet specialize in this type of Deep Cleaning with Attention to details service.

We always recommend our customers to book this service months in advance as the demand for Student Cleans is really high over the summer and it is hard to find a cleaning agency able to organize this clean last minute in Bristol.


Our Splashernet Uniforms in 2018


First of all you need to contact us, and then a member of our customer service team will gather all your details, address, property condition etc..

Splashernet offer a fixed price list, however, in some rare occasion the price is subject to change, for instance, you booked a 4 bedroom house for £250, when we get more details, we discover that the house has 4 bedrooms and 1 studio, 1 conservatory, 1 gym, 1 large utility room, each bedroom has an en suite bathroom as well as 3 communal large bathrooms in each floor, yes each floor means 3 floors, on top of that the kitchen has 2 fridges and 2 ovens.

This is an example where our fixed price list will be changed because the property is bigger than the average 4 bedroom properties in Bristol.


This is the most difficult part, most people think cleaning is EASY, yes it is, if you KNOW HOW.

END OF TENANCY CLEANING is considered one of the most challenging part of the cleaning because it requires expertise but also requires EXPERIENCE, most of our employees have been working for the company over 5 years and they have developed a high level of experience that allows them to be SPOT ON on every CHECK OUT carried out by LETTING AGENCIES.


We believe that nothing is impossible and people can always learn and develop new skills, this is why our recruitment and training process is considered one of the best in Bristol. Once we recruit our staff we give out a specific training program, written and developed by us.

Like in every school, you learn from the books and at Splashernet you put what you learn into practice almost immediately, this is how you can improve your skills and technique, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction, in fact we always say to our clients they can pay after the service to show them our ability to complete the task on point.