Back in 2009, when we first started to operate in Bristol, I must admit, the quality of the cleaning service, was not like the quality that we deliver these days.

In fact, took us years to improve and develop to the level of excellence of these days in 2018 we can clearly see results. First of all, we have been awarded as best office cleaning company in Bristol, and secondly, the amount of positive feedback and positive reviews we receive on a daily basis, gives us a great satisfaction and sense of achievement.

We always want to make sure our clients are happy with the service they receive, we stay in touch with them every week of the year, and in the rare occasion when they call us unhappy we quickly send a representative over to discuss the issue and take action immediately, 100% they are more happy than before, because they see the way we tackle issues and they feel comfortable they can fully trust us.

Once you operate in a big city like Bristol, you have to understand, it is packed with competitors and if you really want to stand out from the crowd, first of all, you need to provide an excellent cleaning service and secondly you have to charge a price that is not too expensive and not too cheap.

How do you know if your price is too expensive or too cheap?

Once you compete in a market full of competitors, it is important you do market analysis and price comparison between companies, once you gather a bunch of data you can upload it on excel and you can find the average price that is not too high and not too low. Nobody wants to buy an expensive service, however people get skeptical when they charged too low.

So the easy solution to this is to find a price that is an Average between the highest and lowest and it will give your customer a sense of purchasing a good quality cleaning service at a good market price.

Another factor that makes a company great is staff selection.

Splashernet has a reputation for staff selection and extensive cleaning training, we fully understand that the professional cleaners we send in Bristol Houses or Bristol Offices represent our company and we want to give our clients a sense of professionalism that makes our company stand out once they compared us to other companies.

A key factor is CLEAR COMMUNICATION between company and customers, the information we supply are initially confidentially “GDPR” and also on point, our team operatives use an app similar to UBER or DELIVEROO, it is a GPS tracking system that we use to monitor our employees, thanks to this technology we are able to send live information and we are aware of when our cleaners starts, finish, location and job completion, if there is any issue we know in real time, if they running out of cleaning supplies, we know in real time, and by the time everything runs out. we have already delivered the stock.

If you want to try one of our wide range of services visit our website and contact us, we are always available 365 days a year.