Your biggest asset of the company is not your office or website or vans but your employees.

How do you keep your cleaners motivated?

A commercial cleaner is not a machine is a human being, he has emotions and your role as a manger is to encourage and motivate your own staff and understand people are different.

One of the most important thing when you employ office cleaners in Bristol is to fully embrace the principle that staff will be treated with fairness.

People needs to be recognized for the hard work they put in and encouraged when tough situation occur, the way you recognize a cleaner is for example rewarding them for they hard work with bonuses or promotions.

The way you can improve a cleaner that has made few mistakes here and there is to talk in private and praise for the good things they done first, secondly highlight problems and try to resolve them in a constructive manner that is both beneficial for the cleaner and customer.

Everybody can make mistakes when you work in a commercial cleaning site and human errors is expected sooner or later, as a good solid management team, the training we supply at Splashernet help the cleaner to avoid problems and deal with problems in a professional way.

What is the best reward for your commercial cleaners?

An excellent feedback for example will give you a better satisfaction than your monthly wages for example.

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, there are different ways you can reward your cleaners for their hard work, if you work in a pretty large organisation lets say 20 to 100 cleaners, it is important that you run a employee of the month reward, this reward most of the time is a money bonus or vouchers.

Running an employee of the month competition really motivates the team to perform better than others and when the reward is high the employees will be willing to put more work into it, in order to win it.

Once your team is highly motivated to perform to the highest level possible, you can rest assured, your team of commercial cleaners is working hard and your customers can clearly see the effort they put in, the attention to details, going the extra miles and use their own initiative in order to exceed customer expectation.

How do you impress your clients?

For example, you have managed to win a contract cleaning in a office in Bristol, your client has selected your company among 3 others because they believe you can deliver a better service than the previous cleaning contractor.

The first thing you want to do in order to impress your clients is to have their premises deep cleaned.

The deep cleaning is performed by a team of 4 or 5 cleaners that work according to a customized task list, during this task list every corner is covered.

When your client return to the office the next day, will notice something new and the feeling of improvement and satisfaction will be recognized immediately, they have selected the best commercial cleaning in the area.