School cleaning is a Monday to Friday job.

Our company clean nursery, primary school, universities, learning centers and colleges.

We understand the importance of cleaning a school and adapt new technique to simplify our work and improve the communication with our customers.

For example, in the past 2 years we have implemented a digital clocking in system software that send us live updates about our staff attendance and task list performed. All these information can be shared digitally with our clients.

Thanks to this piece of technology it is now easier to monitor time and performances and in the event of a member of a staff being late or a task not performed or completed, we are the first to know, this way we can quickly find a replacement and fix any issues.

In Bristol there are roughly 160 schools divided by colleges, nurseries, primary schools, academies, and learning centers. Each school employs a cleaning contractor to perform the daily tasks such as cleaning toilets, wiping surfaces, hoovering, dusting, mopping etc…

School cleaning is a challenging job because the expectation is high, every day you start early morning or late afternoon, sometimes you only have 2 hrs to clean the school and sometimes, timing can be very tight to complete all the task list assigned.

To organize a school cleaning you need a team of 2,3,4,5,6 people, it varies based on the size of the building and the time allocated for the clean.

If you are looking to replace your current cleaning contractor with a company that implement technology to their service Splashernet is the company to call, we will send our local manager over to your school to have a chat, walk around the premises and discuss about the service we offer.