Establish and maintain a great relationships with estate agencies it is very important to sustain your cleaning business.

It is fair to say that the more letting agencies you are dealing with the more work you are going to obtain. Splashernet has managed to build up a great portfolio of estate agencies clients over the years.

We have worked with pretty much 95% of the agencies in Bristol and we currently work in partnership with most of them.


The answer is simple, they TRUST us, how do you build up this trust? SPEED OF SERVICE and QUALITY CLEANING SERVICE is the answer. We specialize in End of tenancy cleaning and we are very proud to say we are the BEST in BRISTOL. We offer a Fixed price list ALL INCLUSIVE, we are so straightforward, everything is on our page, all of your questions are answered in there, cost, procedure, timing, description, insurances and so on.


It is possible you have been called out by an Agency that found your name on Google or perhaps you have been recommended by a Landlord or friend.

You send your team in there, you do not supervise them, you do not have a quality control system in place and you believe the job is done and send the keys back to the agency.

You should know that after the cleaning there is an inventory check and they can be very picky, end of tenancy cleaning should deliver the perfect job and leave your house in an immaculate condition for the next tenant to move in.

If the expectation is not met, the agency will find it hard to get your team back in the house to rectify mistakes here and there, it is time consuming and it is a headache most of the time.

Try to impress your clients by delivering a quality cleaning service, spend little bit more time in the house and adopt a check list that will enable to put things in order and improve your cleaning organisation.

This is why we operate every single end of tenancy cleaning with a supervisor on board who runs the checklist as soon as the job is completed, check after check at the end of the list we are confident enough we have achieved 100%.

Although it is very rare we send our team back to rectify mistakes, Splashernet offers a 48 hrs free of charge comeback guaranteed.

Contact us now 0117 317 8121 is the number or simply email us at let us know the date and time you have in mind, your full address and the property size, it is very simple, we will reply to you within 5 minutes with a confirmation.