When running an office, it is vital that the workroom be clean and hygienic at all times. Only then will your office project a professional image when clients visit it. An unclean office will unavoidably generate a bad impression of your company and should consequently be avoided at all costs. When you hire a commercial cleaning company in Bristol to take care of your office, make sure that they observe to four important cleaning tips – periodic cleaning, deep cleaning, de-cluttering, and green cleaning.

Periodic cleaning

Make sure that the service you hire for office cleaning in Bristol will clean up your workspace on regular basis. Only this can ensure that your office remains clean and tidy at all times. Services that only work on a single cleaning basis needs to be re-hired over and over. This is not only an awkward and inefficient process but is also not ideal for your office.

A cleaning company that enters into a contract with you to clean your office on a fixed schedule is very likely to ensure that the work they do is top notch. In the end, only by ensuring a clean office can they impress you and get the contract renewed when the time comes. With a cleaning company that does not offer a regular service, this aspect of catering to client gratification may not be existing. Furthermore, regular cleaning services tend to be cheaper than one-off cleaning companies.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning goes beyond the regular cleaning by ensuring that everything inside the office is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected completely. Such a rigorous cleaning is usually done by office cleaners in Bristol on a quarterly basis. The office may have to be closed down for a day (usually weekend) so that the cleaners can do their job effectively. Every single equipment, furniture etc. in the office will be wiped clean. All spots that are known to be potential breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, and other germs will disinfected accordingly to the COSHH. After deep cleaning, the office will feel fresh and new.


In simple words, de-cluttering is a process in which items not necessary to you are removed from the immediate working place. And with regards to the offices, de-cluttering is very fundamental if it gets too overfilled by multiple things kept all over the place. De-cluttering will free up the office space and improve the overall atmosphere of the place. When de-cluttering an office, one needs to ensure that:

  • The employees are informed beforehand so that they can keep some of their items in a safe place. This will dodge the possibility of cleaners accidentally getting rid of them.
  • Digitize all paper files so that they can be kept in the storage rather than in the work space.
  • Provide a list of items to the cleaners that should not be taken out and must be kept at the exact spot where it presently exists.

Green Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Companies in Bristol also offer green cleaning services. And it is highly recommended that you do take advantage of it. On the other hand, regular cleaning, green cleaning focuses on ensuring that the workplace is cleaned in the most environmentally friendly way. And this offers several benefits.

For example, green cleaning involves no use of chemical products. As such, you are guaranteed that the products used to clean the office will never have any negative effects on your employees. Generally, the particles in the cleaning solutions can get air-borne, circulating through the office room. By transferring to green cleaning, only products that are well-matched with the human body are used. Therefore, people will not feel any uneasiness because of air-borne cleaning particles.

Finally, green cleaning also helps you build a sense of accountability within your office. When employees learn that the business they are working in is taking great efforts at ensuring the office is cleaned in the most environmentally friendly manner, they will gain a deep respect for their work and the company. Ultimately, the employees will also hold themselves to a higher standard which will improve their work performance.